There’s more than 150 drawings waiting to be edited and this week I’m gonna have four more live model sessions D:
This is a picture from the last uninhibited session, the model took it while I was finishing with some details. Funny fact: she was the first follower I ever drawn <3.  
Later I will upload all the drawings, there’s a ton of them waiting to be edited D:
Today’s digital practice feat likewildlife !!
I haven’t put any effort on the background because I was more focused on getting the colors of her skin right.

Espero te guste Ania (:
Killing boredom. 

Uninhibited Live-Session (14) 

Model: LolitaLo.

There’s four more but I still have to edit them ._.

From the study of kissing I’ve been doing last week. 
Artsy people on tumblr: you’ll maybe want to take a look at this.

I found THIS yesterday, and I think it’s kinda similar to the events I usually go for drawing live model in my city. In these ones, all models are playing a different character, what I think is most difficult/fun than a simply nude model. Sadly there aren’t any near my city/country so I can’t go :( , but maybe if you check out their tour list can go to one !! 

Hope you can go ! Good Luck.