So, I said jokingly that I would draw a pair of Mileys, but then I thought I should really do it. At the end she turned out to be best model for practice than I expected. 

I definitely have to practice more footwear D:

Sunday Practice. 

Sunday practice. 

Fio-Fioletta. (Sunday Practice) 

Sunday Practice. 


Mental photography.

I reallyyyy need to do a better version of this one. 


These are from the last Live Model Session,  I totally loved when they put the masks on. 

I was late and therefore, was unable to do more drawings :C shame on me.


Last night Doodles. 
I used a photo taken by Tamara Lichtenstein for reference.
Model: Lauryn Holmquist.

I always loved this guremike's photoset <3 <3

This one is old now, don’t know why I haven’t uploaded yet. 

 I&#8217;m the Big Fucking Deal.

Last night piba. 

I think I’m done with this tigers for today. 

I think the set speak for itself. 

Corky Tiger from today/yesterday

It’s just me, or his entire body express the “I don’t give a fuck, I’m a tiger” look ?