I think I’m done with this tigers for today. 

I think the set speak for itself. 

Corky Tiger from today/yesterday

It’s just me, or his entire body express the “I don’t give a fuck, I’m a tiger” look ?

No one is looking Tiger, go on,  you can lick your big paws now. 

(Last Night Tiger Survivor) 

So, basically I just lost the unsaved file with 8 of the 12 tigers of today. And now I draw an imaginary happy-me, hugging an imaginary notsohappy-tiger. Tristeza nao tem fim.  
No more Tiger’s stripes, pls. Ft. Mars Volta. 

Good Morning Tiger pt3

Good Morning Tiger pt2

Good Morning Tiger pt1

Here’s a photo with better quality.

Instead of taking a really necessary nap, I chose to take this Country Paper Girl and urbanize her with some acrylics. However, I think I still prefer the paper one. 


Done in canvas with acrylics (20cmx25cm) ft. Tool. 

Pussies in boxes.


Trying to make peace with the digital art. I need to practice and practice and practice more and more and even more. Later I’ll post the digidrawings from last week. This is from just now.